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Jewelry Appraisal



Every piece of jewellery has been selected, authenticated, and curated by KAPEL’S specialist team, drawing on the wealth of its experience in antique and vintage jewellery as well as in fashion.

Each item we sell has been carefully examined for its details, stampings, materials and condition. We are not affiliated with any of the brands we sell, nor are they involved in the authentication and verification process. 

Signed jewellery indicates the name of the fashion house with an engraving on the item. It is marked with the designer’s name and/or initials, or logo, which confirms the authenticity of the piece. Marks can differ; sometimes they can be stamped directly into the piece or can be included as a signature plate. The jewellery stamps from the same fashion house can differ depending on the period. 

In KAPEL’S, we understand that the signature provides a level of comfort in terms of quality and assurance for the buyer. The signature of each item can be read in its description on our website.

If you have a piece or a collection of jewellery, in any condition, that you need help authenticating or would like to know its value, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you without any charge or obligation. All communication will be treated with complete confidentiality.

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